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Flyer Design for Medahead by OkayGuru Designs.

Flyer Design for Medahead

About Client
At MEDAHEAD we specialise in medical interview training and preparation. With our detailed knowledge of Sydney based medical schools, including USYD, NOTRE DAME, UNSW, WSU AND NEWCASTLE, we can help make your dreams of entering medicine a reality!!We know what it takes to get into medicine, we’ve trialed it, we’ve tested it, and we’ve succeeded. All our teachers are current or past medical students who understand what it takes to pass the interview. Having gone through the interview process, we know what each medical school is looking for. Our method has been tried and tested and with the confidence we have in our courses, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that you get the success you deserve!
Our Guarantee: Enrol in our Complete Course for USYD and Notre Dame, and if you don’t get an offer, receive free entry into our Comprehensive Course the following year.

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Flyer Design for Medahead by OkayGuru Designs.