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Banner Design for Hatheralls on the loose by OkayGuru Designs
Hatheralls on the loose

Banner Design for Hatheralls on the loose

About Client

Post summer break – the reality of our new digs is kicking in. Like all new beginnings, change and the knowledge it’s not permanent can be unsettingly (for some more than others). In my usual glass half full fashion, I am going to point out the highlights. Since it’s taken me a while to catch up on the blog, I am going to cover a lot of ground in brief. After a two year campaign by four members of the family – Mabel has joined the Hatherall clan. Although it is a bit mad to get a labrador whilst living in a high rise – the Hatheralls never let a little thing like no outdoor space get in our way of our dreams. Mabel is every bit as adorable and loveable as we imagined. And even Rich might admit that our puppy completes our family.